Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monckton Ad Hominem

Christopher "Lord" Monckton, climate denier and general charlatan, has been asked to stop claiming to be a Member of the House of Lords in an official letter from the Clerk of the Parliaments.

I find ad hominem attacks distasteful, but here's an unfortunate truth: as long as the majority of people are still swayed by appeals to authority like this one, legitimate attacks on the credibility of the speaker (rather than his arguments) remain the most effective way to affect change in public opinion.

So with that said...

Or even better...

Could it be any more clear that the Climate Sceptics Party rationale for importing Mr Monckton was just such a manipulation, such an appeal to authority? He has no formal education in science, and constantly misrepresents the consensus of people who do.

At least three venues have pulled out of hosting Monckton's Australian tour so far; in part perhaps as a result of the viscount's likening of climate change adviser Ross Garnaut's point of view to fascism. It seems Monckton is fond of this kind of rhetoric...

Mr Monckton will grace Mount Gambier with his performance of "A Carbon Tax Will Bankrupt Australia – The Science Does Not Justify It" at North Gambier Sportsmans Club,  Cnr Wilson & Commercial St West, at 7.30pm this Sunday, 24th of July. (Bookings via Leon Ashby on 0435 423 636).

To re-iterate, I am not fond of personal attacks. If you present science, we can talk about science. If all you present is authority, we will talk about authority.

That is all.

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