Friday, June 17, 2011

Rise Up Australia!

Do you like to be entertained and frightened at the same time?

Visit this page and read about the formation of the Rise Up Australia Party. There are a few questions I'd like to ask of the party chairman, Rev Dr Daniel Nalliah, but his email address appears to be dead. My response to his announcement is below:

"Dear Rev Dr Daniel Nalliah

Re: Welcome to Rise Up Australia Party

I hope you will take the time to answer my questions regarding your article. I apologise in advance that some of them may appear antagonistic. I have tried my best to make them as to-the-point as possible.

  • Aim 2 reads: "Establish full employment and fair wages; support/re-establish manufacturing industries in Australia." Does full employment include the elderly, handicapped or injured?
  • Aim 5 reads: "Recognise and affirm our Judeo-Christian heritage". Which elements of our history lead you to use the phrase "Judeo-Christian heritage".
  • Aim 6 reads: "No religion or religious practices are to be forced upon another person." Which definition of "forced" do you mean here? In many usages, something "compulsory" or "involuntary" is also referred to as "forced". I ask the question because later, in aim 8, you say: "Schools to have faith-based chaplains". If the purpose of these chaplains is not to provide compulsory indoctrination, why are they faith based?
  • Aim 10 reads: "Improve discipline in our schools". What is meant by this?
  • Aim 11 reads: "Protect the traditional family unit – father, mother, and children". What sort of protections do you intend to add? What threatens traditional families?
  • Aim 12 reads: "Parents have the right to discipline their children, within sensible historical, non-abusive guidelines". What is meant by "historical" guidelines? By what parameters do you define "sensible"?
  • Aim 13 reads: "Protect children from homosexuality as it creates health problems. Promote children’s rights – children have the right to have both male and female role models as parents (father and mother)". What health problems does homosexuality create? Will you also protect children from parents who smoke, which studies show leads to long term health-problems in the affected children? Why is this health-concern a priority?
  • Aim 14 reads: "We wish to make abortion history by providing those social conditions that support women in their lives to become fulfilled and not being forced into situations where they feel there is no option but to have an abortion." Which social conditions do you hope to provide? Which situations make women feel there no option but to have an abortion?
  • Aim 15: "Protect Australia from multiculturalism. People who live in Australia should become Australian – we are multi-ethnic, not multi-cultural. We do not advocate homogenising – immigrants are free to celebrate their own backgrounds, but must respect the Australian culture. We are opposed to a dual legal system, i.e. we oppose introduction of Sharia law in Australia. We will educate people about the implications of radical Islamic teaching. We advocate no Centrelink benefits for polygamists." Why do you target specifically the centrelink benefits of polygamists?
  • Aim 16 reads: "All boats trying to enter Australian waters by illegal means should be stopped to preserve the lives put at risk by people smugglers". What do you intend to do with those boats, and the people on them, once you have stopped them?
  • Aim 17 reads "Protect the environment, as God gave it to mankind to look after". Does this include legislation to combat climate change?
  • Aim 20 reads: "While we recognise the Aboriginal people as the first people of Australia, we encourage them to accept our Government’s apology and invite them to issue a statement of thanks for the good that the British heritage has brought to our nation". Which good, in particular, are you referring to?



I attempted to post these questions on the page of Catch The Fire Ministries  who covered the announcement. I guess they don't share Aim no.1, because my comments failed to pass moderation on three consecutive attempts.

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  1. The people at CTFM obviously aren't dull. They can see from your page head that you're on your way up Mt Sinai to get the gen. -- and didn't wish to detain you unnecessarily with lesser stuff.