Friday, June 17, 2011

My Own Stupid Fault

The great scam artist Peter Popoff is back with a vengeance.

I once asked evangelical christian and Climate Sceptic Party president Leon Ashby about what Peter Popoff means for the credibility of other faith healers. How does he achieve what he does, if not by the power of God? Will Leon accept that the placebo effect might be responsible for a large part of it?

His reply was as follows: Peter Popoff does in fact heal people, but rather than through the healing power of Jesus, he does it through demonic power. My obvious question was "How do you tell, then, when a faith healer is using magical Jesus power, or magical demon power?"

As it turns out, magical Jesus healing is that healing which lasts. Demonic healing will fade over time.

Of course, when supposed Jesus healings fade, it is blamed on a lack of faith. I guess it's my own stupid fault.

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